The Nylatron “S” Wear Strip
NYLATRON WEAR STRIPS can be removed and replaced without removing the hold down clips from the cutter bar. Replace the entire set of wear strips in minutes – on the job – no special tools needed – no time loss: using only a pen knife and a 1/2 inch wrench.
Use on mowers , Windrowers and Combines
Use on Flexile Floating Cutter Bars
 nylatron1  nylatron2
# 1050 NYLATRON “S” Wear Strip.
# 2050 NYLATRON “S” Wear Strip.
<————————–1 7/8″ long—————–>
<————————1 7/8″ long——————>
.188″ thick
.475″ thick
Loosen the tension on the spring with the 1/2 inch wrench. With a pen knife pry the old nylatron wear strip out. Install the new nylatron strip and adjust the proper tension on the stern clip.
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